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Zazzau Update: 11 aspirants are being reviewed – El-Rufai


The governor of Kaduna State Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai in a tweet has confirmed that the Commissioner responsible for chieftaincy matters received a list of nominees for the post of Emir of Zazzau, which became vacant on Sunday, after the death of Alh. Shehu Idris.

Shehu Idris who died on Sunday at the age of 84 was appointed in 1975. in a recent twit Mr El-rufai explains the strategy he is adopting to aid him in making the right selection. The book which is title ‘Government in Zazzau” according to Mr El-rufai will support him in making the right decision.

DAILY TRUST has earlier on Friday reported that three names were submitted to Governor Nasir El-Rufai by the kingmakers for his final selection. which Mr El-rufai tagged as fake news.

“BEWARE OF FAKE NEWS! This @elrufai has not received anything. The Commissioner responsible for chieftaincy matters is reviewing the 11 aspirants and the assessment of all of them by the kingmakers. I will consider the recommendations then and select the next Emir IN Sha Allah. said by El-Rufai

Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai also in his recent tweet said

“KADUNA UPDATE: I am on my second book throwing more light on the emergence of the Emir of Zazzau Jafaru in 1937. I have also reviewed the secret files on his selection, & that of Emir Shehu Idris. I await the recommendations of the Commissioner responsible for chieftaincy matters.

“I await the recommendations of the Commissioner responsible for chieftaincy matters after due security clearance of the aspirants,” according to Mr El-Rufai.

The governor who has the final say wrote that he would be “in a position to pick the next Emir if Zazzau” only after certain steps.

Steps in Selecting the new Emir

  1. kingmakers of Zazzau Emirate will forward their submission to the Commissioner of Local Government Affairs.
  2. Local Government affairs will in turn process the document and forward to the SSG.
  3. SSG will avail the security agencies of the names on the shortlist for the necessary checks.
  4. SSG after the security checks will address the recommendations and the associated security report to the Governor for his consideration.

Rumour has it that the governor may pull a surprise by going for an underdog, as it happened in the selection of emirs Ja’afaru and Idris in 1937 and 1975, respectively.

Mr El-rufai in his evening tweet said he will consider the recommendations after the screening in selecting a new emir.

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