‘You ‘re very Stupid’ Femi Kayode pops off at the journalist’s question

Femi Fani Kayode
Femi Fani Kayode

'You 're very Stupid' Femi Kayode pops off at the journalist's question

Former Aviation Minister Femi Kayode had a disagreement with Eyo Charles, a writer for the Daily Trust Newspapers, over a question raised by the journalist. The incident took place at a press conference held Thursday in a private hotel where the Minister briefed journalists on his tour ventures in the Southern States.
 Things went south when the journalist stood up and asked,

‘Sir, you said you’ve gone round six or seven states to inspect projects undertaken by those governors, and now you are here in Cross River State, rounding off your one-week visit to Gov Ayade. Who is bank rolling you?’

Insulted by this question, Mr Femi angrily answered,

‘What type of stupid question is that, bank rolling who?, I would not take any question from this man… which bank roll?, who can give Me money for anything?… I can see from your face before you got here how stupid you are, don’t ever talk to Me like that. You have a small mind, a very small mind, don’t judge Me by your own standard. I’ve been locked up how many times by this government… Who do you think you’re talking to?, Bank roll who?, a former Minister?, a Lawyer?. It is not the standard of Daily Trust and I would report you to your publisher.’

As Mr. Kayode was shouting, the reporter, who was already standing, held on apologizing, said,

‘I’m so sorry, sir.’

Daily Trust has yet to make a comment about this incident.

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Written by Lilian Iyade


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