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A former South African President Nelson Mandela once says “Education is the only weapon which you can use to change the world”, this short and simple quote has compiled a lot, education is therefore a tool which provide people with sound knowledge, unending skills, progressive techniques, beneficial information that enable us to know the unknown in developing our families, societies as well as nation at large.

Educational sector is indeed is the mother of all other professions, it hatches future leaders, enlightens the general public on findings of past researches and transfer histories along with new inventions to generations to come. Most countries of the world developed and superseded their fellows because they invested more and practicalised ideas gotten from educational sector. Nigerian Education therefore is on the verge of collapse from the point of recruiting new teachers; unqualified, unskilled and undeserved persons are recruited to teach in various schools which led to not reedifying the expected results.

Similarly, the importance of education to mankind cannot be over emphasized, education is like a light that brightens ones path in the most darkest moments. Education does not only gives us a platform to succeed but it is also the knowledge for societal transformation, strength of unification and respect for one another because an educated person never downcast others and is reciprocated everywhere. Education is a continuous process which involves learning from successes achieved, failures encountered and ability to differentiate right acts from wrong.

T.P. Nunn defined education as ‘the complete development of the individuality of the child so that he can make an original contribution to human life according to the best of his capacity’. This definition dwelled on the God-giving talent a person has which can impart positively on the lives of people when it is used judiciously. Professor H. M. Yunus further defined education as efforts that are deliberately chosen to influence and assist children with the aim of improving knowledge, physical and morals that can gradually deliver the child to the highest goal.

Furthermore, despite the number of successes recorded in both internal and external examinations, yet nowadays most of the successful candidates could not depend those examinations. They in one way or the other engages in exam malpractice or pay money for teachers to help them. This erratic problem are of recent initiated from primary schools during external exams and secondary schools, unqualified teachers breeds cheating students which led to their suspension and sometimes expulsion in higher institutions. Unqualified, unskilled teachers are like pests that hinders cultivation of crops and bumper harvest.

Unqualified teachers in various institutions of learning are the rust that contributed in examination mass failure, first of all the existence of corruption in the sector; Corruption ravaged ministry of education and teachers service commission that are saddled with responsibility of employing new teachers, it has outshined the tireless efforts of skilled teachers and qualified candidates that are supposed to be teaching but due to wanton problem of corruption brought charlatan and quaked teachers.

Subsequently, lackadaisical attitude for school authorities in supplying necessary facilities for experiments; in some areas the environment is not conducive for learning, students are sitting on bare ground and this problem is so rampant especially in rural areas where local education authorities are neglecting their responsibilities.

Also, inability of authorities to be sending supervisory teams that could be paying unexpected visits to different institutions, but because of dishonest attitudes of some staffs they inform targeted schools whenever sudden visit are organized. Furthermore, bad leadership from both government and private sector in administering education makes them employ unskilled and unfit teachers, when teachers are not proficient in subjects given to them, the expected result would never be achieved.

Refusal of examination bodies to employ honest invigilators to oversees the conduct of exams, existence of corrupt invigilators pave way for institutions that lack good teachers to bribe and engage their candidates in examination malpractice.

Most of developed counties have rejigged their system and passed through stages before their educational sectors become what we are seeing and admiring today, educational sector to other sectors is like a heart to body which make final decision of all activities. For Nigeria to eradicate the problem of unqualified teachers, everyone must be a key player in sanctifying the system.

There is need for aptitude test to rate the level of expertise in subjects; this can help in reducing quack teachers and help in students to learn effectively and depend their exams when the need arise.

Government officials and supervisors from ministry of education should be paying unplanned visit learning institutions in order to see for themselves the level teachers’ commitment to duty teachers and reward those that are excellently doing well. Nepotism, sectionalism and other divergent differences should not be considered when employing teachers; therefore teachers should be given chance because they deserve it not based on who you know or who knows you.

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