Sunday Attacks: Gunmen hits Kaduna community, kills 3, abducts 2.


Gunmen hits Kaduna community, kills 3, abducts 2.

Again, gunmen accused of Fulani militias assaulted Adara’s Buddha village in Chukun ‘s Southern Kaduna local government, killing one Rev. Alubara Audu and two other, inspite several peace agreement recently.

The deadly attacks, according to statement issued and signed by National President of Adara Development Association, Awemi Dio Maisamari, occurred at 2:00am on Sunday 6th September 2020. The statement made available to journalists on Sunday evening by Southern kaduna people’s Union, SOKAPU, spokesman Mr Luka Binniyat said two others had been kidnapped during the attacks, including a minor.

“The premeditated and unprovoked attack took place on Sunday, 6th September, 2020 at 2.00am, in Adara community of Buda, in Buda Ward of Kajuru LGA also the attack claimed the lives of three people namely Rev. Alubara Audu, 45, with 5 children; Adamu Tata, 40, with 4 children and Ishaku Peter, 37, with 5 children.

The following individuals have also been kidnapped: Sani Peter, 25, and Esther Sani Peter, 20. “The terrorists also abducted five people from the nearby Buda Ward village of Kemara Rimi at around the same time. They are: Ojo Aminu, 35, Danfulani Makaranta, 37, Namiji Gwamna, 36. Ali Musa, 36 and Grace Mathew, 16”, the statement stressed.

It further claimed that “These callous and barbaric attacks often fall, but never really stopped in the Adara region. Another fatal attack took place in Kallah village on the banks of the Kaduna River on Sunday, August 16 , 2020.

This resulted in the death of Mr. Danladi Abashi, a 50years old farmer who ventured near the villages that were invaded and are still occupied by Fulani herdsmen in the Kallah/Gefe/Libere area of Kajuru LGA.

“His body was recovered only with police assistance because the herdsmen disallowed the citizens of Adara from even entering the occupied enclave,” he added. According to the Adara Organization, cases of abductions of innocent people for ransom are still ongoing. The Association however regretted that “on 27 August 2020, five kidnapping incidents took place, including that of Daniel Shuaibu and Abednego Paul from their Maraban Kajuru home.”During the operation, Mr. Sunday Barau was shot and injured and the abductees are still with their abductors because his helpless family has been unable to meet their demands.

“Another incident is the abduction of Master Pius Gargai, who was abducted from his family residence at Maraban Rido. He is also still with the kidnappers because they were unable to meet their demands. ‘And on 2 September 2020, four people were abducted from the village of Rafin Roro in Kasuwan Magani Ward of Kajuru LGA. One of them managed to escape and three are still being held,’ he said.

The Association stated that with the persistence of such violence by Fulani herdsmen even when numerous peace campaigns are launched, “it becomes evident that the supposed dialog acts as a distraction in order to allow the attackers to resume their diabolical activities.

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