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1. Get the right woman– Forget the looks of the slay queens and women but zero brains. Find a woman who is not only going to help your dream but also going to drive you to do further. A woman who is going to inspire you to work hard and not a woman who is literally making you hard. He who sees a true woman discovers a positive thing and obtains wealth development favor and strength.


2. Stop Taking Cheap Drinks – During social contact and networking, I have no trouble getting drinks. However, you ‘re hanging out with poor people who have cheap plans and a cheap future whether you buy cheap cocktails or buy at cheap locations. There are big business prospects in areas where the drinks are pricey. In reality, the only customers you’ll see in areas where they sell cheap drinks are customers who will harass you for money. And when you come to learn ‘big buyer’ has arrived, they clap.

3. Avoid being Lazy -” Oh ooh Oh, why are you Lazy? “For your own good, you ‘re too lazy. You sleep the entire day, and blame your misery on the state. “A Little Nap, a Little Slumber, you ‘re going to be overcome by deprivation like a constitutional system.” A lot of people are actually lazy about making money. They have enough resources to give a woman five orgasms, but they don’t have the ability to create one organisation, which is why it’s so convenient for men to make kids that it’s just making pegs to place kids’ clothes on the line.

4. Know Useful Stuff – If you ‘re keeping so much garbage in your brain, you get a life of trash. I know a lot of people who are so smart when you’re thinking about kids, soccer and street politics, Who’s Rich that isn’t, Who’s got a nice house but you can’t put a discussion about finance, creativity and industry, they start looking at their phone, yogging or saying bye .. Anything pointless, images and jokes go viral faster than anything positive .. A man must learn how to do at least one thing that is successful (have one skill), even without going to class.

5. Get Related to Big Men Who ‘s Better than you -Sometimes people lose and they don’t get mentored. They have nobody to calm down and listen to, in respect. Older people will sit down young men in the old days, teaching them how to hunt and shoot animals … And no one was called an one enough unless he killed an animal himself … Such people of today are not being mentored, and can’t even kill a rodent. There are people out there who have made it through life, seeking a way to be mentored by the big men who make headlines and have an influence on our culture.

6. Work – Stop Spending your whole day just praying and fasting yet you know that both Quran and Bible tells you that God will bless the work of your hands. Yes yes The blessing finds you on your way doing something,Stop using Prayer and fasting as an excuse not to work. Work hard.
It’s an offence for your pockets to be empty and your brain to be empty too.

What’s Your Opinion?

6. Job – Stop wasting the whole day just praying and fasting, but you know both the Quran and the Bible are telling you that God will bless the hands’ work. Yes Yes Yes The grace sees you doing something on your way, Stop using Prayer as a reason not to work Hard.
It’s a mistake to be empty in your pockets, and empty your in head too.

What’s your view?

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