Shiekh Gumi blames Nomadic Fulanis illiteracy and lack of education for the S/Kaduna conflict.

Shiekh Gumi
Shiekh Gumi

On Monday, Kaduna-based Islamic leader Shiekh Dr. Ahmad Gumi kicked at the notion that fulani is inherently hard and unforgivable, saying generalization was false.

Gumi, who made remarks while challenging newsmen during a monthly peace journalism media forum in Kaduna, said that Nomadic Fulanis is doing so because of their high-level analphabetism history in education.

The issue is that they don’t go to college, not schooling or disreligions, don’t pray, but what do you expect? Most of us here are Fulani. He said, ‘Nomadic fulanis are the issues we have.

“They ‘re all in the woods, there’s no home, no water, there’s no borehole. Government needs to provide them with water, Borehole Schools, Hospitals. Even the nomadic education they set up for them does not help matters, “Gumi lamented.

Shiekh Gumi, who took the gathering on the history of early Islamic and Christian faith, said earlier that slams were packed with struggle among Muslims and pergans northerners for dominance and repression.

According to him, because of their analphabetism the southern Kaduna conflicts may be largely blamed on the nomadic Fulanis.

The Christian equivalent, Archbishop of Kadunia, Most Dr. Mathew ManOso Ndangoso, also convened in his speech at the meeting on the subject of crises in Southern Kaduna,
He said all the parties concerned must remain neutral in the dispute.

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