Sandra Danladi Bah: An Auto Mechanic and also a Mass Communication Student At 22 years

sandra bah

Sandra Danladi Bah At 22, with an astonishing beauty, she has won the heart of many people on Social media for being a female Auto Technician. Villa updates had an interview section with her as she shares her life experience and the reason why she delved into Auto maintenance.

Villa updates – Tell Us a little about yourself

Sandra Bah – My name is Sandra Danladi Bah, I hail from Jos plateau. Birom by tribe, born and raised in jos, I am 22

Sandra Danladi Bah
Sandra Danladi Bah

Villa Updates –  So now let’s talk about your childhood, How was your childhood like ???

Sandra – My childhood was great. I recall playing with some childhood friends, and we usually go to the waste bin to take some things, also sneak to kitchen to pick maggi in other to cook..

Villa updates : Where your parents strict on you ?

Sandra : Trust African parents, They were strict on me considering the fact that i am a girl.

Villa updates – So your Parents what profession where they into ?

Sandra – my mum is a Civil servant while my dad is into furniture.

Villa updates – So how did you become particularly interested in learning mechanic as a girl ??

Sandra – Wow!, I like this part of the story. Well I used to see mechanics as mad people when I was young. So when I grew up I knew they were car doctors and also, In reality, when I was still in primary school I saw a little boy under a truck. Primary 3 in particular, so I caught the challenge from there, that I’ll learn it

Villa updates – Where did you Start learning it and how were they people around looking u like ??

Sandra – Mmmmm, I began to learn auto mechanics in Jos, near my home. My youngest brother had already started learning auto mechanic but wasn’t serious, so I decided to enroll at the same place so as to see if he could be serious.

Villa updates – How were the people looking at you ?

Sandra – The first time I met my boss he laughed and asked me if I could do the work? I answered yes. The people who were there started laughing at me, saying am I normal, Where do I come from, do I think this is a lady job, but my determination kept me.
Though it was so challenging.

Villa updates – So after your secondary school you didn’t immediately go to higher institution, was it because of the skills you were learning ??

Sandra – Well it wasn’t because of my skills rather it’s because my parents weren’t financially buoyant. So I had to keep on going to the workshop to learn my skills.
Villa updates – Where did you further your training at?

Sandra – i did it at Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN learning center) kaduna state. In the year 2018 and I graduated on 2019. Neca and ITF industrial training funds actually sponsored me.

PAN learning center

Villa updates – So how was the training like ?? Can you tell us what you benefited from the training and how it has helped you thus far?

Sandra -The training was awesome! I really benefited from it. I learnt how a car engine operate and which when I was on the road side. I only knew the names of car components but never knew how they operate. I also learnt how to keep good workshop, relate with customers, and not only to work on a vehicle but also to how satisfy a customer. Back on the road side we always have returned jobs which is not fair because every day technology is increasing. For example. You cannot compare Peugeot 406 and 301. What I meant is that the fault that can rise up on 406 vehicle with 301 there is difference.
So I learnt that as a technician you need to keep learning news things and be updated.

Villa updates – You went for a competition tells about it ??

Sandra –  Wow the competition was awesome and also challenging. I was confused at a certain task. I failed that task. I then realized that it’s something I knew.


Sandra – The task was that. The customer complaint that his horn wasn’t working so I had to diagnose in order to know the problem. And the issue was from com 200.( The middle of the steering). The connectors where disconnected.

Villa updates – Now you are currently schooling, What course are you studying and how do you manage both activities? Work and school

Sandra – I am studying mass Communication, and managing the both is not that stressful to me. Because I go to work first before going for lectures. My skills is what I love to do more and I don’t complain because it’s one of my hobbies

Villa updates – Now what’s your advice to ladies out there ??

Sandra – Work, family and community. Always have these three areas in your life. Invariably something will be good in one of these areas and something will be frustrating in another. In just one day, you may be praised at work and “dissed” at home, or vice versa. This helps you keep the perspective that you are human.

when I was young I use to see mechanics as mad people. So when I grew up I then realized that they are doctor for cars.
I actually saw a little boy under a vehicle when I was still in primary school, so from there I picked up the challenge, that I’ll learn it

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