Revolution Now : No Protesters were arrested – CP

We only arrested those who violated covid-19 guidelines


Earlier on Wednesday, the fct police command said its personnel had not detained any protesters now in Abuja over Revolt.

Instead, the command announced the immediate detention of several persons who breached the covid-19 rules specifying that citizens without face masks could not be seen meeting together and others who disregard social distancing values.

However, FCT Police Commissioner Bala Ciroma reported that all the people detained had been taken to Eagle Square in line with COVID 19 procedures to appear before a Judge and be arraigned for the offences.

However, the aforementioned suspects were left off the hook when Eagle Square refused to turn up the Magistrates that would have presided over their case.

Consequently, the CP ordered its operatives to send alerts to the detained persons that they should refrain from further breach of the FCT COVID 19 protocols, following which they were released for deportation.

PHOTO: Soldiers, police arrest #RevolutionNow protesters in Abuja ...

Asked why it was during the Revolt Now uprising that the police wanted to take steps to prosecute COVID 19 procedure violations, the CP said, “Their detention had nothing to do with the demonstration. It is their freedom to protest as long as they do not threaten the peace and all Nigerians who abide by the rules.

“The FCT Command remains adamant in ensuring that citizens obey the COVID 19 procedures, leading to the detention and conviction of more than 1,000 people in the past. Therefore this has nothing to do with any campaign.’

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