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I know many girls and ladies gonna be angry with this post but try learn from it. Men!!! Guys, how do some of you even cope with dating a broke girl?I know some still don’t understand

broke girls

What Broke Girls meant to me. I just meant:
1. A girl who has no travel fare to see someone she says she likes every damn day.

2. A lady who is unable to send you a birthday present or a Valentine’s day present, but wants you to pull the world down to her through hers.

3. Someone who can’t dial you easily for 5mins on the phone. Still flickering and
Complaining why she has no airtime even though you know you’ve already given her airtime.

4(4)(a). I mean how can you cope with dating a lady who thinks relationship is a job;
Where will she get paid and taken care of?
4(1)(b). And if it is an profession, what resources will she give to be entitled in order to obtain such benefits?

4(c). Or is she a dream worker?

(NB: Sex is not a bonus for men only)
How did any of those ladies continue to date?
I’m not saying this because I work, but in most ladies it’s what I see.

5. No wonder the victims of suicide and depression are largely men.

6. See man, no matter how pretty you think she is, don’t ever date a broke girl. They ‘re serious obligations.

7. Quite date a lady who is bringing something positive to your life. Stuff like mental intelligence; economy intelligence; moral intelligence
Knowledge and the like.

8. Date someone who can calm the storm inside your soul (an ordinary man has enough storms); not someone who can control the weather
It brings uncertainty to a lifespan.

9. Forget the yehn yehn says, don’t tolerate the bleeding or ignorance of any woman
By her outward appearance.

10. Currently there are a lot of incredibly attractive and elegant ladies with common sense.

11. But don’t even dream of settling for less brother. One thing I’ve learned about all these broke girls isn’t that they really don’t have income …

12. Most do; but it’s just that they ‘re broken psychologically, which is much worse than not having money.
I know a lot of girls and ladies would get upset with this article, they ‘re not going to like it or comment on it, so ladies don’t criticize me, please. Truth will be sour forever.

What do you think guys?

What do you think?


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