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No rise in tariff for consumers with electricity less than 12 hours a day – Akpeneye

Mr Dafe Akpeneye, NERC Commissioner, Legal Licensing and Compliance earlier on Friday made a Statement that electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) must not increase tariffs of consumers enjoying less than 12 hours of electricity supply a day.

Akpeneye, made the clarification during the regulatory agency’s  town hall meeting with customers on the new electricity tariff regime which was held online.

The implementation of new Service Reflective Tariff Plan (SRT) was made public by Discos on Sept. 1, cross their franchise areas. with classes of consumers already been categorized into five bands. Discos also said bands D and E who were not enjoying 12 hours daily of electricity supply are not affected by the current tariff increase.

During the online town hall, Some consumers added that DisCos were not adhering to the increment terms, which says those below 12 hours supply daily should not experience any increment. but mr Akpeneye maintained its stands on those experiencing less than 12 hours a day power supply shouldn’t have increase in tariff.

Akpeneye confirmed that NERC had ordered all DisCos to invest in infrastructure to improve the availability of electricity to customers. and also asked unhappy consumers to Contest the band classification you have been assigned.” He said  it was done in order to protect unmetered customers from exploitation by the DisCos.

“This is the principle we are applying with unmetered customers. It basically means as an unmetered customer, you cannot be charged more than your metered neighbour,” Akpeneye said.







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