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N2.67BN SCHOOL FEEDING: Why are they Dancing on the graves of our Children?

When the grave of the child of inheritance is being dug amidst weeping, even the mad man realizes that it’s never a time to dance, even if the talking drum is being played. The Nigerian politician knows not this, and it pains and grains.

The callousness and kleptomaniac idiosyncrasies of our political leaders has once again, been unearthed by the recent discovery by the ICPC, of a sum of N2.67bn meant for the feeding of school children, in private individual accounts.

The commission reported last Monday, that this money was appropriated during the period that schools were completely locked down due to the COVID19 Pandemic. Responding to this, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), called on the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar FAROUK, to publish the names of those who harboured the funds in their accounts.

This troubling development has truly shown that most of what is shielded under the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs is a bogus ploy to generate flinch benefits from the misfortunes of Nigerians.

First of all, we all know that, an African prides in feeding his own child, even as the United Nations charter on children’s Rights, makes it an obligation for parents to be responsible to their children while those children are still under the universal adult age. Who then birthed the idea of school feeding? While the idea was on the table of discussion, was there no one to reason that, empowering the parents to cater for their children was much better and more productive than enburdening the government further with the triviality of feeding?

The bitter truth remains that most of the people who are put in charge of running this bogus business of feeding our children, use this money instead, to enrich themselves and send their children to luxurious, elite private schools, where the children eat breakfast like princes/princesses,  take lunch like kings and wine at dinner time, like gentlemen, while the children of the common man, who enroll in the decapitated unity schools are fed like beggars.

To misappropriate these funds when the children are in session, is unfortunate, but to do this when our children have been  living with the trauma of staying away from school due to the COVID19 misfortunes, is simply a celebration of our misfortunes; it is tantamount to dancing on the future graves of our children, for with such inimical practices, the future of our children looks bleak and grave.

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Written by Hiam Terhile


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