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It is common that menace of moral decadence and youth’s restiveness are caused by several reasons and one of the banal causes is parental negligence which jeopardized utopian ideal living in almost all societies.

The past years buzzed with activities and ceremonies during marriages were done with decorum and economical; fussing with largesse and couples live harmoniously, with scarce recourses and with utmost level of morals when children start popping in. People in those years relied on farming to feed their families and level of parental attachment to their task was high but nowadays people are jumping in to marriages not minding the tote of responsibilities that accompany it.

Marriage is seen as the bondage that halts almost all social maladies, prostitutions and rebarbative acts in societies but some parents from the points of choosing their life partners recede and select based on artificial beauties that fades as time goes not conceptualizing character that last through the sands of time.

The period of courtship built on lies leads to marriage but with imponderable marital problems, it is said that beauty leads many to their husband’s houses but their querulous attitudes drag them back to their parent’s houses.

The problems are not only peculiar to wives, in times without number turpitudinal fathers neglect family needs but aiming to bring more wives to that erratic family. Most children that grew in such homes are usually recalcitrant and lacked good morals even if wives are trying, irresponsible husbands exacerbate the situation because they are habitually pernicious. In most times, there are families with meager resources and not perspicacious enough to have time to nurture their children, even if one do not vacillate in training his wards well, daily mingle with friends from quixotic homes could affect and bastardize what parents built for years within minutes.

Irresponsible parenthood usually starts before matrimonies, whereby a father to be would be submissive to truculent decisions the bride to be decided even if he truly knows is ungodly. Nowadays, you can find a home where a gullible girls of 11 years who starts menstruating but nobody care to enlighten the girl on measures to apply in order to keep herself odourless and tidy.

Recent upsurge in parental negligence has led many verdant and sophomoric girls to prosily depend on boyfriends and suitors for their financial needs, an irresponsible guy who spends lavishly on his girlfriend could demand anything from her including sex and in such situation a lady could be left with no choice than to accept.

Diana Baumrind (1996) separates parents in to three groups; Authoritarian parents are those that sternly controlled, over-strict in nature and in most times they are unresponsive to their task of parenting which ranges from financial, moral and harmonious relation with their children. Second set of parents are permissive; the usually allows their children to do whatever pleases them without coaching them on the consequences of their wrong-doings, they are simple and violent free which makes their children not respective and that contribute in spreading their rusted morals to friends they mingle with.

The last category is referred to as uninvolved parents; they are totally insidious and neglectable in nature, they quiescent from doing whatever they are required to as heads of families. Succinctly, based on these three categories, child that grew under first category parents to be fustigated when they are wrong, second set are the nadir respected due to their non-challant attitude to their task and the last set of parents makes one easily influenced and thereby tainting their morals and framing them as lukewarm in both psychological and physical strands. Morals decadences are caused by several reasons, based on survey carried out in 8 wards of Bauchi metropolis which are Dankade, Makama A, Makama B, Dan’iya, Hardo, Dawaki, Majidadi A and Majidadi B, I discovered that one of the core causes of irresponsible parenting is gumptious philistine or lack way of income by most heads of the families; parental inability to carter for family members need by parents trigger many children abandoning the societal norms and morals, this is because a father who could not provide essentials has no agility to command in doing what is right or warning whenever wrong is done.

Secondly, I found out that lackadaisical or careless attitude of parents on their task of providing basic essentials, advising, fore-sighting, coaching to do what are right, vituperation of bad acts, etc. Some parents are always inebriated and fuse of cigarette, marijuana etc, children that bred by such parents are usually obstreperous and if care is not taking they could lurk to simulate similar acts. Also, in some homes, passive fathers allows their irresponsive wives to take over provision of food, clothing and sadly at times paying the house rent they are inhabiting in; the influence on almost everything becomes final and leading to decay in the morals of their children.

Indeed, some parents are totally permissive by leaving children to do whatever they like; when other people or neighbors punish those children; even if those children are the cause, nowadays that person would only receive police or courts summons.

Responsible parenthood is sacrosanct in curbing most family and societal problems, when parents are responsible, their children would follow suit and societies will be crime-free. Importance of responsible parenting are identified as follows; Children from responsible homes exhibits good morals; It is important because an adage says a friend to a thieve is also seen as thieve likewise future leaders that associate themselves with good friends tend exhibit good virtues. Consequently, responsible parenthood minimize crime rate in the societies, youths that are desperate and ready to do anything when they are supernally trained from home, the remaining segment of the society breeds the same.

Also, societal values of honesty, commitment, faithfulness, etc will continue flourish down to generations to come, likewise offspring emulate mendacious habits their parents does, and therefore it is of paramount importance for couples to be people of unquestionable characters. Marrying good life partners could leads to procreating children with good morals, maternal training it’s a first home based school a child undergoes before socializing with community members.

Irresponsible parenthood can be balked, mitigated and finally dealt with by adapting these recommendations; Parents should engage in beneficial ventures especially fathers in order to earn a living, a home is respected in the society when their inhabitants are not hawking, begging or doing any illicit acts and this can only be achieved when heads of the families are steadfast and active in their tasks.

Fathers and mothers should not be taking illicit drugs or smoking hemp in the presence of their kids, the moral of those children can easily be corrupted because they tend to imitate whatever parents are doing, even if they are matured enough and authorities should punish parents caught engaging in such venture. All parents should be responsible and treat their children with love in moment of scarce resources, with care when they are endangered by either accident or mayhem, with kindness which can make them beneficial to a larger society because rot of one is the rotten of all.

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