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JEALOUSY, they say I’d reciprocal. It turns back on the villain and destroys him or her. In Kano state, news has broken of a jealous wife, who has murdered her two children because the husband had taken a new wife. This intolerant, un-African-like woman simply identified as Hauwa,  went too far in matrimonial rivalry to kill even the very children she had by her husband whom she thought had chosen a better woman than herself. Vanguard Newspaper reports the following events:“

The incident happened when the husband was away and in his new wife’s place. His eldest wife, Hauwau  ‘called him on phone this morning that all  was not well in their house only for him to  return  to the house and meet the lifeless bodies of the children in the pool of blood. She carried out the atrocities and ran away from the house”, he said. “She beat the children and used knife to cut them. Her sister’s daughter (10-year-old) who was living with them was another victim but she survived with cuts on her hand and she is the witness when the incident happened.” ”Thedeceased kids were identified as Yusuf (5-year-old) and the Zahra’u (3-year-old)”.

Meanwhile, the murderous Hauwa is now at large. But she should have known better that as an African, especially from Northern Nigerian and particularly, of Hausa descent, her husband was prone to polygamous affairs. This could have soothed her acrimony on husband sharing.

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Written by Hiam Terhile


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