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How Linda Ikeji became a billionaire at 40

Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji was born in Lagos State, Nigeria on the 19th of September 1980. She originally hails from Ikewere, a small village in Imo State, Linda is the second child and was also raised in a Christian home.
She started writing at the early age of ten and currently has a Bachelor’s degree in English language from university Lagos State University.

In order to assist her family pay her school fees and pay for the bills at home she took part time jobs ranging from being a model to selling goods in school hostels.
After graduating, Linda Ikeji became a struggling entrepreneur and was once locked up in jail.

Linda Ikeji started her blog in November 2006 when a friend of her’s sent a link to a story she saw about her in an online blog (BellaNaija), when Linda went on the site, she was fascinated by what she saw and after a while, she decided to establish a blog of her own because of her passion for writing and blogging.
Due to the fact that she could not have full access to the internet, she would go to Cafes and use their systems for blogging. When she first started, her blog was based mainly on news and gossip and this caused her trouble and backlash severally form different celebrities on claims of her stories being defamatory and malicious.

In one of her interviews with HipTV she made mention of how she wakes up as early as 7am and blog till the early morning hours. She also stated on how she was always posting a lot of her personal stories when she started but had to stop because they were not really necessary. When Linda Ikeji started blogging, she was running the whole show herself but currently she has a wide range of staffs working for her all over the World.

Her path to success was not a smooth one as she was arrested, sent death threats, had her blog shut down by Google, etc. Also, as at the time she started there were not many Nigerians online so she got most of her viewers from Britain, London and US. Linda Ikeji still kept on pushing as she believed one day her name would stand out and also leave a footprint in the sands of time.

In 2014, she was the most searched celebrity in Nigeria on google and her blog ranked the highest blog in the country. Linda Ikeji was listed in the 2018 edition of Forbes as on of the most prominent Women in Africa.

She is a blogger, writer, Social media personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

She also has a website called Linda Ikeji Social Networking Website.

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