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Hidden princes



The female human often wonders about what prince charming will look like. Well, Cinderella’s dream Prince charming came as she had dreamed with more charm than she ever wondered in that her weird head. But, I can’t help but come to terms with reality that Cinderella and her prince charming are mere fiction and I and every female lost in their story are stuck In this real world.

So, who is my Prince charming? Is he of my nationality? Is he a man who wears boot or formal shoes or sneakers or even prefers being bare footed? Is he a lover of nature or the creations of the created or a mixture of both? Is he a lover of fiction or non-fiction? Is he an official uptight person or is he a casual man? Is he a thinker or he questions every thing? Is he up in the societal ladder or is he in the middle or down right below? Is he his own boss or does he have bosses? Does he have demons that hunt him from his childhood or did he grow in a perfect home? Does he have mental issues or is he uptight? Is he a disorganized fellow or does he organize his things like an O.C.D patient? What is his definition of entertainment? Can he cook and clean? Does he believe in the term that a woman belongs in a kitchen and the other room only? Does he think that women are more complicated than men? Does he have a poke face or does he show all of his emotions? Is he a theist or an atheist?

These are questions spinning in my head. I can’t help but wonder like the rest of the female human. I do know that the princes of this day are not very visible and clear like Cinderella’s for humans have reached the height of pretentious living for societal valuation.

So, may be princes come with little demons in their souls looking for the slightest of  triggers to explode. May be we have to be the trigger to find our imperfect princes.

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