Hello me

hello me

Dear younger me,

Hi! How was  you? Its very normal to start a letter with a “hi” but you and I both know that it was awkward for you so I will say, good evening.

Comparing my life now to yours, I can say science was right by growth. But then psychologically, growth  seems to be stocked in a bottle. Your dealings with people was a weird one. Your yeses were different from your facial reaction which most times you couldn’t control. Then, I remember you saying you didn’t like people and you got misunderstood for it. You were always on your toes and I get, I really do, cause I am too. The pressure to please is so much that irrationality comes to play when you hit the wall.

I remember clearly how much of an organized mess you were which Is still very weird to me now, the old one. Your things and thoughts   were always scattered but surprisingly, you always knew where they were and your actions were way planned that the smallest of disruptions could cause a tear from deep down your tensed and scared mind to your eyes.

Dear younger me, this older me is still  yet to get her face to work with her mind and less I forget, her voice is still so loud that it puts her in trouble as usual. I hope that it coordinates though and that both of our emotions don’t go haywire when it is touched.

Faithfully yours,

The older version of you.

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