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Hello me 2

hello me

Dear future me, Good evening, how are you going to do? I don’t know if saying hi to you will sound weird as younger you felt because present me has gotten acquainted to it. You see, I can’t say who you turned out to be cause present me has a whole lot of things in this weird head and mind.

I can’t say if science also manifested in your structure or if psychologically, you grew but I hope you have though. You see, being teased is not something I will like for you to go through in your present. But then, I also think teasing makes you sought of stronger but also, I am at the cross road of thoughts that it just makes you build walls and turns you into what you should not be. So, maybe you should choose what you want. Do you remember your before present as much as I do? Cause,


i live in it. You use to have this thought of wanting to see your soul. You heard souls had colours and you badly wanted your soul to be independent of your body so  you could see the “beautiful colour”, it was created in.

Your “beautiful colour” was grey. I am sorry but I can’t come to terms with you on the attribute of it prescription cause i don’t see it as you do. I would rather say “mystic” but what can I say; every one has their own perception so no issue on my side.

I can’t come to a conclusion on this letter cause I don’t know how to but I hope it makes sense to you, cause it doesn’t to me. I hope to receive a letter from you though cause I would like to know how we turned out to be and also, if we still get in trouble with our facial expressions and voice.      Faithfully yours, Your before Present you.

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