Exposed! Fulani are the ones attacking us – Southern Kaduna Monarch

Exposed! Fulani are the ones attacking us - S/kaduna Monarch

Exposed! Fulani are the ones attacking us – Southern Kaduna Monarch


From our Kaduna correspondent
Takad Chiefdom’s Paramount Chief, His Royal Highness, Mr. Tobias Nkom Wada, has struck the nail on the head saying Fulani Marauders are the ones targeting his Chiefdom.

This was confirmed by the Patriarch who was clearly trembling and furious when the Catholic Bishops of Kaduna, Sokoto, Kontogora, Minna, Zaria, Kaduna and Kafanchan paid a courtesy visit to his Palace in Kagoro in Kaura Southern Kaduna Local Government district.

Tobias fearlessly said that he had no hesitation to suggest that those who target them are Fulanis, adding Nigeria ‘s challenge is that “if they see black they don’t think it’s black.

According to him, the attacks against Southern Kaduna were labelled with different names but they know those who target them and they know them and they see them coming to target them.

“All right here in Kaura are Fulanis who hit us over rituals and displace people, stressing that he has no hesitation and apologies for saying that.

He recalled that other places could be the same people who perpetrate the same bad just that they don’t want to call a spade a spade, “Tobias lamented.”

Tobias said his Chiefdom was the hardest affected by the attack, announcing that Fulanis Marauders had destroyed a whole Region.

He also complained that

“Churches, schools , and hospitals were completely burnt down in this relocated town.

He also deplored the ongoing destruction of worship buildings , schools, and hospital.

The king said that they were talking to the government about what’s happening in our chiefdom

It may be recalled that Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-rufai had earlier stated that there was no relocation of a Population.

Exposed! Fulani are the ones attacking us - Southern Kaduna Monarch
Nasir el-rufai

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