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Four Nigerians Arrested In Philippine For Hacking Banks And Other Cyber Crimes

The Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) detained four Nigerians in Municipal City for taking part in the hacking and taking of assets from banks.

The chief of NBI Vic Lorenzo said Nigerians are taking advantage of the flaws in their systems and are also part of an international cartel who hack various banking systems. The NBI stated that the suspects violated some of the Philippines’ laws such as; Access Device Law, Anti-Cyber-Crime law and forgery of public documents.

Philippines-based ABS-CBN News reported that their deceitful exchanges were noticed after they hacked an arrangement of one Philippine bank where P100 million that was transferred was moved and occupied into a separate account. Lorenzo also stated that the suspects first study their systems and once they notice a weakness, they take advantage of it.

Although these claims were denied by the suspects stating that they know nothing of it and they only came to Philippine to study and the money withdrawn were donations from a Nigerian student organization to aid their education.

One of the girlfriend of the suspect confessed that her account was used to deposit and withdraw money of at least P2 million but the money was for tuition fees. ATM cards and bank receipts were seized from the suspects after their capture.

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Written by Lilian Iyade


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