Apostle Nuhu kure Warns Southern Kaduna Killings May Leads to Revolt

apostle nuhu kure
apostle nuhu kure

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees Southern Kaduna Christans Elders Forum and Overseer, Vision Founder Throneroom (Trust) Ministry, Kafanchan, Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Nuhu Kure cautioned that the federal government should avoid the needless violence in Southern Kaduna before it leads to revolt.

The cleric who cautioned in an interview during the grand final prayers and indoor protest sessions on the killing of Southern Kaduna at Ecwa Goodnews Church in Kaduna noted that the crisis, if not stopped now, could lead to a revolt.

“A situation in which people are going to be compelled to come out and protect themselves against armed gangs, will unceasingly happen,” he said.

Kure deplored the fact that, considering the involvement of special armed forces deployed by the Federal Government in the region, the gruesome attacks in the Communities remained undeterred.

“I want the Federal Government and all the politicians to look at this issue in the eye and face the truth. I want to warn now, too, that the Southern Kaduna is waiting for an uprising that would bring people out in a mass rally,”

“For the first time in my life, I want to tell the Fulanis that you’ve got your revenge, leave the people of Southern Kaduna alone, they ‘re already wounded,” he said.

He also said that while the Fulanis are casualties of their illiterate leaders, “the Fulanis have no leaders; if they do, they might have done anything to prevent the bloodshed in Southern Kaduna.”

“I want to encourage the Fulani leaders to find a solution to these issues. Let them meet their literate leaders and not the illiterate ones. I think the old talks in the colonial period have been outdated. We need to let them realize that all Nigerians and other ethnic groups have the right to leave Nigeria as a country,” he said.

He also warned President Mohammadu Buhari and other leaders to stop speaking for the Fulani if they are serious about addressing age-old problems in Southern Kaduna, North West Nigeria.

Apostle Kure, who is also the National Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), lamented that “it is sad that those in government who are engaging in peace talks in Kaduna are doing so for benefits, l am maintaining that they are now conducting all the talks because they have an interest.”

“By arranging such peace talks, they are praised either because the government will recognize them tomorrow, but there is no guarantee that this kind of individual would not be biased,” Kure said.

Kure proposed for a national dialogue in which Nigerians might speak to each other, adding, “Nigeria must start talking again, whatever the name of the government gives it, is not the problem, but this time, on the table, it will not be Ohaneze, PANDEFF, Southern Kaduna Association or Miyetti Allah.

Kure is of the opinion that, in dialogue, the real leaders of fulani will be called upon to come and sit on the Confab as an group since they believe that they are the highest in Nigeria ‘s population and, if they are, they want a major table or sit on the Confab and speak to the government.

“Therefore, they ought to get them to the table. I want to see a fulani man standing there as a fulani delegate at the next national conference,” he said.

Kure also emphasized that the reason why the crisis in Southern Kaduna must be settled is that, “You know I am a priest, and some of the people are coming to me and telling me to buy weapons for them.”

“They call upon their Ministers to take part in the sacrifices and purchase weapons to protect themselves. Do you see the extent of despair? People are no longer afraid.”

“Do you know how I feel inside? I wake up weeping in the morning. Pastors bury Pastors, also in my home. This thing needs to end even if President Muhammadu Buhari has to leave Aso Rock for three nights to go to sleep in Southern Kaduna to sleep in Southern Kaduna and promise everyone that the killings will cease,” Kure said.

While speaking on the IDPs, Kure said that the Church is alleviating them by prayers, giving them hope and keeping them waiting for the government to settle the matter. “At the same time they quiet them down and wait on the messiah who appears to be taking so long to arrive and the people are getting impatient.

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