Am 21years old and Men are on my neck like necklace : Erastus Chinwenwa

Erastus Chinwenwa0
Erastus Chinwenwa

Am 21years old and Men are on my neck like necklace : Erastus Chinwenwa

Erastus Chinwenwa At 21, she has won the heart of many people on instagram with are astonishing beauty. Villa updates had an interview section with her as she share her life experience and the secret behind are Beauty.

Villa updates – Tell us about yourself

Erastus – My Name is Erastus Chinwenwa, i was given birth in owerri and also grew up in owerri. i school at federal university of technology owerri , i am a fashion  enthusiast and sometimes a model, i am in 500 level and i am studying Biotechnology.

Villa updates – You are popularly know as daaiizy, whats the meaning and whats the reason you picked that name?

Erastus – when i was in secondary school some of my friends said “i looked like daisy” i liked the daisy stuff so much, i then picked up the name.

Am 21years old and Guys are on my neck like necklace : Erastus Chinwenwa
Erastus Chinwenwa

Villa updates – what is your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Erastus – That would be the day my mum embarrassed me for wearing makeup

Villa Updates – What did you wanted to be when you were growing up

Erastus – I wanted to be an artist. At some point, i changed my mind and wanted to be an architect

Villa Updates – Were your parents strict on you?

Erastus – yes the were, To me especially as i am their first child, for instance i love to draw and i could paint too but my dad wanted a science student so i had to study biotechnology instead of fine art.

Villa Updates – Were you a good student in secondary school?

Erastus – Mostly a good student.

Villa Updates – While growing up, what sporting activity did you involve yourself?

Erastus – I did non, i hated sports i felt it would make me muscular instead, i preferred playing scrabble

Villa Updates – What did you enjoy doing while growing up with friends

Erastus – I enjoyed hide and seek. it was my best game

Villa Updates – So what do you do mostly with your spare time.

Erastus – I like to draw. Sometimes i sleep or watch a movie

Villa Updates – Who is your Favorite Celebrity Crush?

Erastus – I don’t have one.

Villa Updates – How will someone get your special attention

Erastus – LOL by being nice i guess. Good conversation starters too.

Am 21years old and Guys are on my neck like necklace : Erastus Chinwenwa
Erastus Chinwenwa

Villa Updates – When you said extra nice what does that entails?

Erastus – Doing things normally, I won’t expect including courtesy

Villa Updates – Are you Single?

Erastus – yes

Villa Updates – What has been your best /worst date?

Erastus – Best date. “none” Nobody has actually done anything to blow my mind. My worst date should be the time my date stood me up.

Villa Updates – You are a queen on instagram, how do you manage guys?

Erastus – Am 21 years Old and Men are on my neck like necklace, is not easy but i try to be nice in the best way i can and put people (not only guys) in their place if necessary

Villa Updates – Can you date a Fan ?

Erastus – Yes of course

Villa Updates – Do you get used to be an instagram celebrity?

Erastus – I am not any celebrity, Nah money i deh find

Villa Updates – You have an hour glass body figure, how do you manage to keep that ?

Erastus – uhrr Women in my family are shapy, my dad too everyone in my dad’s lineage is very shapy. my cousins too. uhmm i also eat healthy shaaa and i workout a lot. for my tummy mostly, i do all those tummy belt stuff.

Villa Updates – You are butty and well endowed, How do you feel when guys stare at you when you walk pass bye?

Erastus – I don’t feel any kind off way. I am too used to it.

Villa Updates – Meaning you are not the shy type?

Erastus – I am shy oo. especially when i like someone.

Villa Updates – Have you been heart broken before ?

Erastus – yes it was horrible but i recovered anyway

Villa Updates – What would you like to be remembered for?

Erastus – I want to be a big name in the fashion industry. And that is what i want to be remembered for.

Villa Updates – Whats your annoying habit?

Erastus – I suck my lower lip when i zone out

Villa updates – Can you date without asking for sex and money?

Erastus – uhm…… weird. Then are we in love at all ?

Villa Updates – You don’t wear make up that much and you still look adorable, how much is they feeling like ? and also are you a fan of native wears?

Erastus – I love natives and uhmm i felt makeup doesn’t really fit me. though there was a period in my life, i was crazy about dolling up. but right now i am more confident about my body and face in general.

Villa Updates -Do you love travelling?

Erastus – I love to travel.. though i don’t travel as often and well as i want to basically because of funds, school and i can’t take my work around me

Villa Updates – When is your birthday?

Erastus – October 25

Villa Updates – Your beauty has won the heart of many people so what do you expect from your admirers on 25th October?

Erastus – uhm… nothing sincerely. I like not to expect much on my birthdays so i don’t get disappointed






Erastus Chinwenwa

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