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A Prayer for Nigeria


Following the just celebrated INDEPENDENCE and the long way we’ve come. The corruption, the no or slow progress, one can only but hope and pray for this our dear country Nigeria.

My Hope For A New Nigeria:

For a country that I was born to be a part of, that which was bestowed upon me by fate, that which I must call home, I but hope.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where ethnicity an religion will be no barrier to socializing.

I in fact HOPE for a NIGERIA where we’d do away with the tittle Christianity and Islam, embrace love and worship God; for the worse thing that has happened to NIGERIA is religion.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where 1st, 2nd and 3rd agenda of the government in power would be Education, Education & Education, for education goes beyond schooling, and it is the bedrock of any nation.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where the leaders that have the welfare of its followers at heart, & not rulers who only pretend to care.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where an elected person after election, will speak to his/her people from the heart, & not from an already prepared script like a broadcaster only to be applauded by the crowd.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where godfatherism will hole no water, & people will be chosen based on merit.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where figures in all sector will be classified in NAIRA based on our currency not $ dollars.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA whereby, persons guilty of corruption, irrespective of their status, will in due time, tried in a court of law, and by an uninfluenced judgment, if found guilty, sent to jail for a really long time to serve their term.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where power supply will be constant, where the youths get creative and unemployment reduce to the barest minimum.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where our resources will be properly utilized and it’s outcome used in developing our country and her citizens and not for selfish reasons.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA bounded in Love, Peace & Unity. One that would uphold Her Honour, & Glory far above all other Nations! Far above the birds of the sky!! Far to the very floor of God’s feet!!!

I but HOPE for a better NIGERIA, I but HOPE for that GIANT that’s worth it’s name.

I but HOPE for a Brighter, Better, & Blossom NIGERIA.

…I but HOPE.

God Bless My Father Land, GOD BLESS NIGERIA. Proudly a Nigerian.

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